Thursday, November 01, 2012

Anima - Black Sun Type 12 Hunter

As pretty as Anima Tactics models can be, they can be an absolute dog to build.  A couple of models have been lanquishing in the 'To Do' pile as a result.  I finally got around to building one, another undead automata for the Black Sun corporation.

This little sod has about 13 parts, and not one decent join amongst them!

Not even particularly suited to being pinned.  Just getting it to the state above took two hours of struggle.

Conversely, the painting was a breeze:

Spot the difference between the unpainted and the painted version?  The front right leg snapped off during the painting, proving how weak the joins were!  

The creature is clearly based on some form of bull or oxen, a nice change from the usual.  How it'll play in the rules will remain to be seen.

1 comment:

  1. I congratulate you for your endurance in assembly of a difficult model kit. I know there are several in limbo I will never touch again because of poor design.

    That aside, kick ass paintjob! That is a wonderful model!