Sunday, August 14, 2016

Two more gangs for Anger Avenue

After a long wait, in part for resilient paint to strip, I've completed two more sets of vehicles for Road Wolf.

First up are the Mother Truckers:

A gang specialising in trucks, age does not worry them, nor rust, but it must be in their favourite old varsity ball game teams' colours...

 Lastly the Dust Devils; using a variety of wacky quasi-military buggies:

 Their vehicles are in an army green with military markings and red crash foam on the roll cages.  However the level of dust can make it hard to tell!

So now I have enough models and the road for a game with four players.  I just need to reread the rules and give it a try.

I hope it works out!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

French ADC

A tiny addition to the Napoleonics has been completed alongside a commission/favour for a friend that I can't show as yet.  Whilst batch painting for one task I could put a bit of effort into a small project of a junior command base for my Peninsular French - who are just about of a number to require another command stand now:

rushed photo's = poor lighting choices
 The models are a Foundry figure plucked from one of their bargain buckets, so his actual nationality is debatable, but with a lick of paint he makes an acceptable French Aide Du Camp, who perhaps has personalised his uniform somewhat.
The other chap is a Hinchcliffe Grenadier.  I definitely have a soft spot for the old Hinchcliffe models, when you consider they were sculpted from little more than Milliput (if that!) they have a timeless charm and a good eye for paintable detail.

Also finally after a few misdirections, got my basing colours right again.

Hopefully before the end of summer I can get another full unit painted for the collection, the question is whether to go French infantry, Spanish, or British Cavalry?