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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Headingley Bridge 1013ad

Due to recent disruption, this is going back some way, but myself and Paul have had several games of Saga recently, of which the first was a go at the river crossing scenario, with my Vikings facing his Anglo Danes:

Paul opted for mainly units of 6 men, but with a small reserve of four warriors to keep his options open.

On the other hand, I decided to field one huge unit of Hearthguard.  12 men in armour, to put the fear of god into the enemy.

The aim of the scenario, is to cross into the enemy territory across the river, with only two crossing points available.  The last time I played this scenario I won by dint of having long range shooting to clear the crossing points.  

This time neither of us had such an advantage and so both sides lined up for a slugging match, with the Anglo Danes choosing to attack first.

Paul sent his Axemen over the bridge, but  things did not go well when they met the mass of heavy Viking infantry.  Meanwhile my Beserkers came to the usual sticky end at the other crossing point.

There was an uneasy stand off at the bridge for a turn or two, but then the Vikings began a steady advance over it.

Whilst at the ford, the Anglo Danish leader was holding off the Viking bondsmen in what was becoming a desperate struggle.

Waves Danes tried to stop the Vikings crossing the Bridge, and paid for it in blood, but as the last of their leader's men crossed the ford, their sacrifice in holding  the Hearthguard on the bridge proved enough.

Paul clinched a narrow victory.  Had there been another turn, I'm sure my Vikings would have swarmed over the river in force, and taken the glory.

A fun and tight little game.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Two Saga battles

There continues to be plenty of Saga action in my gaming activity of late, indeed, it seems best to try to catch up somewhat and conflate two separate games into one post today.  The first game was to introduce Martin at the Sunday venue to the rules.  Hence we actually played a couple of scenarios from the book using my Vikings and Normans.  In both games I gave Martin command of the less complicated Vikings.  Having led them to victory in the first game, he set up for the second brimming with confidence.

Using only small four-point forces we played out the river crossing scenario.  Initial Norman Aggression in trying to cross the ford proved fruitless:

However, my Norman foot troops would save the day, units of Crossbows providing excellent punch, especially when combined with long range fire.  By the end of the game, the Vikings had been cleared from the ford and the bridge, and my Spearmen were able to advance into enemy territory with impunity.

A few days later and I had another game arranged with Paul, at the Thursday venue.  We played a larger 6 point game, to the simple Warlord scenario, this time my Normans were facing his Irish.

The Irish seemed most comfortable hiding in cover, and so moved rapidly to the trees and hedgerows...

My Normans looked to outflank the majority of his force. hoping to find a weak spot.

Paul's war dogs were dispatched easily enough, and my combined fire power was enough to keep the enemy contained.

Thus the Irish were limited mainly to throwing Javelins from cover, though this was an effective tactic, especially against my horsemen.

However I surprised him on a couple of occasions by charging into the woods and picking off Irish warriors.  Elsewhere my heavy troops considered the options of entering the fields to the flush the Irish out.

But in the end they erred on the side of caution.  Simply too many Irish for them to take on alone.  My Warlord was more concerned with survival and picking off the isolated troops left in the open.

In the end, as neither warlord was killed, it came down to other losses.  At the time I totted it up wrong and concluded I'd won by a couple of points; but actually I think I'd forgotten to count some of my warriors separately, and it was in fact - so far as I could tell - a draw.

So 1-1-1 over three games.  Which seems fair.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Saga - Epic: Greek Battleboards

Well after some procrastination, and a few delays, the first two of my Saga Battle Boards are ready for general consumption.

Athens: The Delian League

Click for a larger view - Permission to save to your computer to print for private use granted

The Athenians are organised and strong in their classic Hoplite formations; allow your enemies to come on to you and use your superior coordination to defeat them.

Sparta: The Peloponnesian League

Click for a larger view - Permission to save to your computer to print for private use granted

A man of Sparta is worth a dozen of any other nation, and they expect the same of their allies.  Fearsome in combat and noted for their silent intimidation of their opponents.  A Spartan will always fight as if it was for his life.

All rules Remain Copyright of Tomahawk Studios and Gripping Beast, The author reserves only the right to be identified as the creator of these items.  PDF's are available on request, or even better on the blog if someone could tell me how to set such up!

I hope that these will be of some use to you folks out there, I'd love to hear what you think, and possible amendments can then be made available to all.

Coming soon; Persia and Thrace.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Saga in Sparta - Playtesting

So over Xmas I developed an idea I'd had some weeks before, that Saga could be quite easily used for other periods.  It would have been fairly easy to shift it to the middle ages or the Romano British field; but I actually wanted to take it to something quite removed.  Greece.

The rules were not to be changed at all, but I would need to write battleboards up for each state.  I opted to work on four nations, Sparta, Athens, Thrace and Persia, and wanted to make each one distinctive, this meant inventing new abilities.

Of course these need testing, and so we tried out a couple of them at the club.

Mark took the Athenian list, intended to be defensive and well organised, whilst I took the Thracian list, intended to be highly mobile and good on the counter attack but with less punch.

For the most part they worked well; about half of the abilities are standard ones lifted from other battleboards to suit the racial profiles.  As for the new ones, I included skills to reflect both attributes and the style of use of certain weapons.

The game was a defeat for the Thracians, mainly as I forsook an easy win to try out more of the board.  They steadily retired in the face of the enemy, fatiguing them in the pursuit and stretching them out.  But the Athenians were making great use of their attributes too.  One of which at least we concluded fit the Spartans better, and so along with a few other tweaks, there is a little revision work to be done.

Nevertheless the principle is absolutely (in my view) sound.  I just need to make some modifications; and then I'll post the game sheets up on the blog.

Possibly after a little more playtesting!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Saga: There's a Gael Blowing in...

Shortly before Xmas I had my first game for about 5 years(!) with Paul, a big Dark-ages fan with some excellent brush skills:

Some of Paul's Anglo-Danish

His warlord, sticking it to one of the enemy!
 As to the games, in the course of an afternoon we managed to run through three different Saga battles, beginning with the Warlord Duel scenario - where each Warlord has 12 wounds and the first man down loses:

For the first game I used 6 points of Vikings, including a fair mix of men.  My Warlord had to go forward to face Paul's Anglo-Danish leader, and initially came off the worst, losing four of his wounds for two in exchange.

However, I was able to sneak my Besirkir into the line, and target the Warlord.  Nothing in the scenario said I needed to kill the enemy leader by my own leader's hand!

In typical Besirkir fashion, they died to a man in the attack, but in inflicting 14 wounds on Paul's warlord their sacrifice also assured my victory.

For our next game we opted for the escort scenario, and I changed to one of the new forces from the 'Raven's Shadow' supplement - the Norse Gaels.

Paul had to try to get at least two out of three religious souls off my side of the table.  He began by pushing down his left.  My axemen tried to intervene.

The Norse Gaels work on the principle of fighting challenges with the enemy; one on one combats which boil down to a single opposed roll.  Should the Norse Gaels win, they can then apply specific advantages to the ensuing melee, most of which will ensure the odds stack well in their favour.  A real gamblers army.

So whilst the left larger went Paul's way, in the centre my men smashed the escort and sent it running.

 Sadly for me, with nothing left to cover the left, Paul saw his opportunity and kept on running, forsaking fatigue to put as much ground between him and I, leading him to victory.

Honours were even then, and there was time for a final game.  For which Paul switched to his Vikings.  I stuck to the Gaels, but decided to take their special character, ending up with a force purely formed of noble warriors.  Seeing this and given that we decided on the most basic 'Warlord' scenario, Paul opted for his own special Character too.  As we prepared to engage, it was fair to say we both had very similar forces.

But in this second battle, the Norse Gaels challenges were particularly effective; allowing me to take down one of Pauls units of Hearthguard in short order.  Allowing us to outflank his force.

Paul took his remaining force forward into my second line, but the combo of my battleboard and some fortunate dice rolls was such that I was able to heavily deplete his lines without losing so many of my own.

Paul then forgot himself, it's fair to say, and used his Warlord as a main attacker against my right flank.  The resultant skirmish saw a stain of Viking warlord blood on the dirt road as my axemen again did their execution.

And so I took the prize in the final game.  I may not be able to stop religion in it's tracks, but a hairy bloke with an axe never proved to be a problem!

The new boards add some different aspects to the game and are, if the one I used is typical, quite entertaining.  They are certainly distinct enough from the originals to be interesting, and not too repetitive.  As for getting a game against Paul again, well that was its own reward.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Saga: What value a Warlord?

Gav, whose cricketing duties kept him away from the club(s) for much of the year, has been around again in the last few weeks, and we finally arranged a game, after a few near misses.

I picked Saga for relative simplicity and the lack of preparation.  We used two six point forces and ran the Warlord scenario.  The battlefield featured a small shack and some fields in the centre of the table with a couple of wooded areas either side.  I took the Normans whilst Gav led out the Vikings:

The Vikings were my older models, which allowed for the deployment of Levies with bows, and Berserkers.

My Normans favoured infantry over cavalry, with two units of Spearmen, some Crossbows, Levy Bowmen and some Cavalry because; well just because.

The Viking Warriors moved to tangle with the Normans in the centre, whilst the two Warlords kept their distance at either side of the battlefield.  Sadly for Gav, his warriors invariably came of the worst in these engagements.

 By the end of the game There was only a handful of Vikings left, after they had foolishly charged the Crossbowmen and allowed my warriors to get behind his lines, carving up his Levy.  Seeing the time to strike, my Warlord charged in to finish off the last of Gav's men.

At which point, with only his Warlord left, Gav decided he might as well try a death or glory charge.  I had reason to feel confident, trading off his fatigue to make me harder to hit.  But Gav was able to use skills from his battle board to up his number of attacks, and trade my fatigue to even the combat balance.  In the end he was luckier than I, scoring several hits to a couple from me, and where he saved one, I saved, none.

And so my Crossbowmen looked on in shock as our warlord fell, and Gav won the game!

Saga is the ideal figures game for the Thursday club, being fast to play, needing little space or time - both premiums at the club, and being easy to learn.  It was good to get another, slightly bigger game done - in an hour and a half including a run down of the rules - and it was great to play against Gav again.  I don't mind losing in those circumstances at all!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saga - A Bridge Too Far?

Car-less, I made a lengthy journey to the Nightowls on a foggy Sunday morn for a game or two of saga.  On other days I may not have bothered but I was also hoping to sell on a few of my spare Dark Ages figures.  I was successful in that endeavour, and with pockets filled with change I hung on for the games of the day.

Andy had organised the game and set up an excellent, rather large table of attractive scenery.  Five of us assembled to play, with Laurie and Richard initially as the Vikings (above) whilst myself and Mark played Anglo Danish, and Andy umpired.

My New Viking models took on the role of Settled Danes and got ready to defend their village.

Unfortunately the table was rather too large for a speedy game, and although it allowed Laurie and Richard to learn the basics of the rules, and how to use the battle boards, it meant we spent several turns in the first game just approaching one another.  Getting to the bridge in the centre took more or less all of the game!  Once we finally met, my new Vikings faced my old Vikings - under a new command...

The eventual engagement was bloody, with New Model Syndrome working against us both but favouring me slightly, after all, I had painted both sides!  Sadly my ally Mark got pasted so the battle was inconclusive.

With some time left we decided to reset, starting closer to one another in a more tightly dispersed village.  Andy played this time whilst Mark umpired.  This time it was three forces of Vikings and one of Jomsvikings in battle for the loot of the village Church.

This time I faced Laurie, and gave his Vikings a proper beating, out manoeuvring them in the side streets.

So a couple of good games, but it does make it much less likely that I will sell my new Vikings!  I guess I means I'll have more old ones to sell on.

Better get n with it!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saga - New Vikings

Don't you hate it when this happens?

I paint things to sell on eBay to fund most of my gaming projects; that plus selling on the stuff I don't want any more covers the expense of my hobby, which otherwise I'd have much less to spend on.

Unfortunately, there is always a possibility when you paint something, that you'll like them too much to sell.

Such is the case with this set of Vikings, ostensibly for Saga:

24 Gripping Beast plastic figures and one Foundry metal to lead them.  I used 25mm metal bases (AKA 2p pieces!) to ensure Saga was their first port of call, colour coded shields made sure each unit was easy to identified; lastly the bases were given a nice textured and grassed finish.

Obviously, the problem is now I don't want to sell them, their just so much nicer than my old models.

Thankfully, I should be able to sell my old figures for a reasonable sum.  Indeed I've already managed to get rid of 90 or so of them..  This just means I'll need to get rid of another 40 or so on top of the ones I still intend selling.