Thursday, December 18, 2014

So I found a couple of photo's of recent games to share with you.  First off, we dug out the Napoleonics for the first time in well over a year, with my whole collection just about stretching to two decent sized armies:

A hypothetical, with fairly simple scenario rules, using Black Powder.  Each army was around 300 figures strong as an Anglo Portuguese army tried to hold off King Joseph's Franco Spanish Madrid army.  We had an all day event so there was time enough to set up and play the battle at our leisure, in the end the British weathered the storm for a solid victory.

On a normal Thursday evening I managed to get a game of Saga in against Paul.

My Vikings faced his Rus in a Warlord wounding scenario.  Paul started with his warlod waaay at the back, but towards the end of the game a suicide charge by my Bondi managed to reach and wound him, winning me the game.

Going back further I also got a 15mm game or two of Napoleonics:

Using other members collections and the Napoleonic variant of Fire and Fury.  My command of another Anglo-Portuguese army saw me fight a successful withdrawal in the face of a larger French force.  This has now tempted me in to a 15mm Austrian or Russian Naps army, as the numbers and size of the models... Ah but realistically it'd not happen for years, so never mind!

Still.  Three games, three victories.