Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Garde Chasseurs au Cheval

"The regiment was in Madrid when the populace rose on 2 May and eight of the officers, including Major Pierre Daumesnil, were wounded as well as five officers of the Mamluks. The regiment took part in General Montbrun's charge up the road at Somosierra (30 November) but lost no officers for the Spanish gunners only managed to get off one salvo before the Polish and French cavalry got amongst them with the sabre."

Good grief,  I'm resorting to Wikipedia for my research

So proof at least that Napoleon's consular guard did see limited service in the Peninsular.  But really this is a unit that's place is more properly where the Emperor is.  No matter, they look great.

Now the first three of these models were done two years ago for a participation game, but that still left the command group and 6 other models to do.  I'm really pleased with the results:

(I'm indebted to Jason for these models, I hope he's impressed with the results.)

So now I have two units of cavalry for my French, and feel the urge to do more.  Who'll be next I wonder...

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