Monday, December 23, 2019

A Bavarian Xmas

In time for the holidays, the final unit of my initial Bavarian project is finished, the 2nd Chevaux Legers:

And so this gives me enough to start thinking about a game or two.  Also appropriate to get some shots of the whole:

Cavalry and Artillery 
Infantry and Commanders 
The full array
It's taken about a year to assemble, but that's been alongside a number of other projects.  Nice to tick this gift to myself off just in time for the festivities.

Happy Xmas one and all, however you choose to spend it.


Thursday, December 05, 2019

Dragon Rampant - Kobolds vs Orcs

Actually, I've had a couple of DR games recently, and this is not the oldest, but it is the one I've edited the photo's for; so it goes up first.

My forces amass 
Gav visited for a 36 point game.  We set up my modest little (coffee) table, with a small town as the landscape for our battle.

A little open ground on the flanks 
TO my surprise, Gav had brought a bunch of GW Lords of the Rings Orcs he'd had hiding in a box for many a year.  Some painted, some, not so much; but these GW models have always been attractive...

 Goblin scouts in the woods
His main battleline 
The black fog (photoshop) descends.... 
My force, was mostly average light foot, with some beefier Hobgoblins and Bugbears in support, a wizard in command and a Dragon in tow as the big hitter.  Gav's force had similar numbers of light infantry, with his own wizard, backed up by heavy cavalry.

Looming forces of evil on both sides bode ill for property prices! 
Early advances favoured the Kobolds 
It kicked off well, but then both sides suffered a couple of stagnant turns.  Still the Kobolds fared better and were soon safely into the outskirts of the town.

My flankers seemed less keen. 
The Orcs were very slow 
About turn four.
On my left Hobgoblins kept the Warg cavalry at bay, as they feared either fighting them in the woods, or being close enough to be ambushed themselves.  

Enemies close 
In the town, I had numbers, but not confidence in our fighting prowess.

Two units of Kobolds /= One unit of Orcs 
Form a defensive line! 
My Kobolds braced for battle forming a shield wall, covered by my crossbow armed scouts.  The inevitable charge hit home.  But my wizard had also managed to cast Sharper Blades on the unit and so buoyed up by the Red counter of re-rolling, the Kobolds gritted their teeth...

Steady lads. 

Committed great slaughter!.  The Orc unit was swiftly routed, with little loss. 

Attempts to outflank one another went slowly, but Gav was able to bait my Hobgoblins out of cover, and came off the better.  My bugbears and Dragon were stymied by those damned Goblin scouts.

From the Orcs side, pushing into the town 
Second line Orcs advance down main street
The Dragon stalks its' prey 
Ignoring the Goblin scouts I sent my dragon after the Warg cavalry, driving them away, then I went after the 'easy' meat of the exposed Orc infantry.  At least that was the plan.  I only needed threes to hit after all.

Well, shit. 
In return, the Orcs were able to inflict a couple of wounds, winning the engagement and pushing the Dragon down to under half strength.  Consequently swiftly retreating.

Getting pushed back 
By this stage the losses on both sides were mounting, but I had effectively been evicted from the town.  And was in the process of being surrounded.  My wizard and scouts were now doing most of the heavy lifting and keeping our dreams afloat.

Orcs begin flanking
Despite the desperate situation, the Kobolds fought to the last, and at times looked to have a chance.

In fact at the end, it was only a marginal loss.  When we called it and totaled up the glory it was only a victory to Gav by a couple of points.  I'd inflicted serious losses, somehow, but also performed rather better in my boasts for once and narrowed the defeat.

A great fun game.