Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fiasco 2014

I went to my first wargames show in two years at the weekend:

Fiasco was in its' usual place at the usual time.  I found a lot of the games on show to be visually underwhelming, but I may not have been in the zone so to speak.  Only a handful caught my eye...

 6mm ACW done with realistic terrain.

 Some sort of El-Cid/Crusades game.  To be honest I'm sure I'd seen this before, but nice models.

Legendary Games, playing 'In the Grand Manner' as is typical for them, Same figures and terrain as previous games of theirs I've seen, but appealed to my interests.

I avoided talking to people as much as I sought out old friends, but I did run in to one or two welcome faces.  It was nice to catch up in a way, but it is always complicated.  I have long been one of those who would prefer to pass through this sort of event anonymously and unobserved, it was after all mainly a shopping trip for me.  I came away with a couple of books and two battalions of 28mm Spanish Napoleonics.  I was in and out within two hours.

There will be many places where you'll get a fuller review of the show, for my part it was enough to dip my toe back in the scene and find the waters aren't completely hostile.  Even if the smell a bit foul at times.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Painting Filth

I got a place in my life for some painting again:

Man I am rusty though.  These took an age to do for what they are.

Straight to eBay and sold for a pittance.  Ah well, they were only ever for the sake of practice.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your Terrible Hobby

Hilarity and truth in equal, sad measures.  Mainly the crimes are those of 40k players, which means I have little sympathy.  Historical gamers may have cause to feel superior, but there are plenty of dubious fetishistic Nazi armies out there, not to mention Weird World War and so on...

We are all a little guilty, no?