Friday, November 09, 2012

Warhammer - Orcs versus Dwarves

Well it seems an eternity ago, but I aught to at least post the photo's of my game of Warhammer Fantasy against Jason.

We played 4000 points, with my Orcs against Jason's Dwarves.  He surprised me by bringing... No artillery!  This meant my Giant might prove useful.

Initial deployments
 I had Skarsnik, in a unit of 80 goblins, and his sneaky tricks and traps kept nearly half of Jason's troops in reserve on the first turn.

As a result the Dwarven deployment was rather small:

Skarsnik's unit nearly outnumbered his whole initial force!

The Orcs and goblins as ever swept forward with the iron discipline that only mine ever seem to muster.  Except for my Chariots, who spent the entire game debating who had the fastest wagon, rather than testing them in battle!

My Giant actually made it into contact with the enemy, whilst my masses bottled in the Dwarves:

Hand of Gork was cast at one stage, and my Orcs were suddenly behind the Dwarven lines, rather catching them by surprise.  Similarly my Wolf Riders ducked around the Dwarven miners and lined up a flank charge.

The Dwarves weren't all passive, but they did have terrible luck, what should have been an easy charge on a unit of bows was hampered by two fanatics from another Goblin unit.  They ended up filling the gap and the Dwarves then had to close the door through them, resulting in 4d6 of Fanatic losses before the melee commenced!

In the centre a huge battle broke out with most of the Orc units attacking one of the remaining Dwarven units.  It held out for a couple of turns but couldn't weather the sheer volume of attacks it faced in the end.

By this stage Skarsnik had cleared his flank of beardies, the chariots had a drag race to prove who was fastest, and then stopped to argue the toss of who actually won, and the Giant was still hanging in there.

Heroically he made it to the last turn, but then tragically fell in combat, onto the Dwarves!  With this final act a handful of little men slunk off the field as darkenss fell, and the game ended.

The result on the table seemed pretty clear, but we ran up the victory points to check.  Although Jason scored about 1,000, I totted mine up to over 3,000 points - a thrashing in any terms.

A very one-sided game, in which all the luck ran for the Orcs and Goblins and virtually none for the Dwarves; but Jason is pretty much my favourite opponent for warhammer, so any game is a good game.

Besides, next time I'm sure he'll thrash me instead!

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