Monday, November 05, 2012

Board Game Victories

I've become quite adept of late at winning one of my favourite games, 7 Wonders, but a couple of weeks ago I racked up a couple of victories at other games.  First up was Ghost Stories, about which I've written before and noted the near impossibility of winning.  So naturally on my second try of the game, we won!

To be fair, we had tough choices to do so, having to decide to kill off one of the players (sorry James!) to ensure we could concentrate on what after was agreed to be a very weak incarnation of the lord of the undead.  Had we not let James die we'd have missed our chance, but I guess that's what makes it a lot like a film, comic or book, rather than a simple game.

Time allowed for another game and the one chosen was 'Chaos Marauders'.

This is a reprint of an old card game from Games Workshop's most creative period.  It has precious little to do with chaos - other than one namesake card - however, and is all about assembling your Orcish horde, and it's allies of beastmen, skaven and Chaos chaps.

Do so successfully and you can assemble a mighty array, but at any stage the other players can steal from your battle line or ravage one that is incomplete.

Anyway, like many games of it's period, before GW went all dark and gothic, it's good silly, skull-free fun.  After a few reverses, I suddenly found myself with three complete battle lines, which ended the game.

Counting up the victory points I'd four times as many as anyone else and more than the other three players combined.  Heh, heh, heh.

Chaos Marauders is now produced by Fantasy Flight Games, and well worth looking for.

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