Sunday, November 04, 2012

First Victrix Spartans

Many readers will have assembled and painted some of these already by now, so I am not going to fully review the models.  Safe to say that they are in the Victrix style, with slightly more caricatured features and bold details than Perry or the former Immortal miniatures.  Personally I prefer these to the figures now made by Warlord Games:

Perhaps a little less dynamic, but undoubtedly attrective.  Painting wise it was mostly the usual, but I tried a wasy on the inside of the sheilds to speed up a fiddly area of the model, did it make a difference?  Not much really, but it felt easier...

The whole unit is 16 men, previously I've built units of 20-24 for my Spartans, but for Hail Caesar our default unit sizes have been 16's so this seems like the way to go.

It also made sense as a result to try basing them on 40mm square stands.  I like the results not least as it allowed me to stand back the front rank to reduce the overhang of the spears.

I think this should encourage me to finish the rest of the box.  With talk of a club campaign for this period I'm sure I can get plenty of use from these chaps.


  1. They look great - if I didn't already have a bunch of lead hoplites, I'd get a box or two of these. Best, Dean

  2. Great looking unit. Got a box of the Victrix Athenians still in un opened, might just make a start on them

  3. They look brilliant. I have a few underway so maybe I should try to finish some! Your look great!