Friday, April 04, 2008

Thoughts of returning...

So I've been very quiet for the last four months, not unsurprisingly; seeing as I've been enjoying these sorts of views:

Almost 70 days snowboarding, and to be honest, an awful lot of beer.
However, the season now has less than a month to run, and I'm six weeks from my return to work and mundanity. What to do?
Well, obviously, once I'm all settled, I can return to my summer occupations - avoiding the sun and wargaming. Loose plans at the minute would be to expand my Spartans and finish my ECW armies. I'm unlikely to be able to set up a home table on this occaision though, so gaming will be at my local clubs, hopefully the same ones as before.
As for the intention over the season to paint up a Warhammer Dwarf army; well that was a non starter, they stayed in the box all season, aside from two half finished elven Mages, I've not done a thing all winter.
Can't do everything can you!