Monday, October 29, 2012

Fiasco 2012 Photo Review

So here we go with the photo's of the day.  First off a bunch of pictures from the Night Owls Fantasy game.  One thing that is oddly under represented at gaming shows is Warhammer/40k and it's kin.  Given they probably have more active players than all other game systems, possibly combined.  One of those dirty little secrets folks.  Anyway, a half dozen of the club stalwarts put on a grand sized game of monsters and magic, showing the best the club has to offer:

Simon, James and Rob, amongst others put on the game

Chaos faced the forces of good in a battle for Kirkskull Abbey

Jon's beautiful Manticore, heavily converted from the original model, took centre stage

But for sheer size, nothing matched £200+ of Chaos mammoth, provided by Andy

The game looked great, and apparently attracted a lot of positive attention.  I can't name it game of the show, due to bias, but it was distinctive for sure.

Returning to the historical, another Shot of the club's Zulu game opens up the rest of the show:

After overrunning the Drift once, the Zulus were reset for another go

Barnsley Association of Wargamers - Long Road North.  Set in Sicily I think. This was one of several games that first appeared at Triples in May

The armour was most attractive

I think this was the Lance and Longbow society, doing the Italian Wars

Hastings, possibly presented by Kallistra

Not usually a fan of Hex Terrain, but this looked OK

Wakefield and Osset, ran a fast WW2 simulation developed by a history lecturer

One base per army, the ultimate in scaling I guess

York Wargames provided beautiful 28mm terrain for Pegasus Bridge. Figures however were mostly hidden or off the table

Legendary Wargames as usual were on the entrance with a big display game. This year the American Civil War

Bull Run.  It seems strange to say that the models for this showed a real retro charm. They would have been cutting edge in the 1990's

Painted terrain boards are hard wearing, but look oddly dated now

Game of the show for me.  Vimiero in 6mm!

The Legion of Blokes provided amazing contemporary scenery and massive units in a tiny scale

Bramley Barn - Afghanistan 1920's  Another repeat showing

The Ilkley Lads put on a naval game with lovely little triremes and galleys

And a repeat from both Triples and Partizan, 1st Corps Eastern Front game. I think the 88mm is new though and the teddy bear fur has seldom looked more realistic
There were a few other games I didn't bother with photo's of.  I am biased as I say.  The show did seem quiet, and I wasn't alone apparently in doing very little shopping.  The venue itself may be an issue there, after all, if you've not been before, once you've paid to park at the Royal Armouries (exorbitant) it would be silly not to visit the museum itself, and I'm sure that draws a lo of the attention away.  

Other issues may also exist though.

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  1. Thought the show was alright this year, certainly busier than last year but I too didn't spend that much. Though that may be more to do with the fact I'e little time to complete projects so I would have just been adding to the pile.