Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick updates

So, I've been terribly lax in not posting lately; the snow has only just got good again, though today outside my chalet it is raining hard. The main reason for not posting however has been a lack of the internet for three weeks in the chalet; now fixed.

The associate excuse for not painting has been three concurrent weeks of colds which only felt ok when out on the hill, not when sat in my tiny bedroom faced with paints.

In fact I have made a start on nine ACW infantry, doing an acceptable job of their coats and trousers. That done there is little left to paint so another hour or two could see them finished. It's an aim for the rest of the day.
Otherwise I've been reading "Remember Nelson; the Life of Sir William Hoste" by Tom Pocock. Hoste was one of those naval commanders who inspired the many fictional naval characters. He managed many remarkable feats in his career including winning fleet actions against bigger odds and successfully beseiging 'impregnable' cities.

It's pretty well written and thoroughly researched, and for the three quid my copy cost, well worth a read if you like action under sail.