Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Cavalry

November is proving to be a month for men on horseback, I even found myself watching some showjumping to get ideas on horse colouration.

Next out of the blocks are some Helot horsemen for my Spartans:

Lowly troops for sure, but cavalry were until now unrepresented in my Spartan army.  For good reason in a sense as they were always a very minor part of the Spartan military system; rare and only poorly equipped.

These are Magister Militum mini's, not particularly flashy but cheap and accurate enough.  The horses are rather small, but that is for the good as there were no thoroughbreds in the fifth century BC!

A quick little job then, and so on to the next painting task...

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  1. Nice work. Don't know how you feel about these viral award posts, but if you check my blog post, I've put you down for a Liebster award.