The Big 28mm Plastics List

UPDATED - 29-05-20

This page will list all information I have on 28mm plastic historical miniatures, be they kit form, single-part castings or prepaints that can be appropriated for use.  In due course we'll also mention items from fantasy ranges that can be pressed into service as well as any companies from the past whose models have past into history themselves.

More details to follow:

Current Manufacturers


A small range of Punic Wars miniatures, featuring presently three sets?  Like Warlord, they use metals to add command groups to rank and file units.


A small range of Dark Ages Norman miniatures, plastic medieval bowmen (10th-13th century) are due next.

Conquest are great vfm with 15 cav or 44 foot for £20.


A very small range of figures for the 13th-14th century, the models to date look somewhat stiff but the prices are reasonable, depending on your location.

These filled some gaps to other ranges at the time of release, including the rather oddball crossbow artillery set, but most of those gaps have subsequently been filled by much better models; and outside of the USA the prices are not so cheap as to warrant pursuit.  Would really like to see better painted models however.


A tiny selection of American Civil War miniatures, six castings each for Union and Confederate infantry in a soft polythene similar to Reaper Bones miniatures. 

Sold in soft packs of 20 for £5.

See my review of the Union set here: EM4 Plastic ACW Infantry


An Italian manufacturer making a wide range of Feudal European and Mongol models, alongside their own rules system. 

Some of their product is resinated plastic, and some more recent releases have been fantasy models, but with obvious utility for historical feudal and medieval periods


A small but well considered selection of Dark Ages packs and a range for the Arab invasions/crusades.

GBP06 Arab Light Cavalry
They seem to design with the widest possible utility in mind, which is nice.


Somewhat overlooked; Hat has two main lines: Napoleonic - covering French, Prussian and Bavarian infantry - and Arabic Spain - covering Spanish, and Arabic subjects. 

Figures are simpler castings than most companies, influenced by the style of their 20mm soft plastic ranges; but assemble and paint well.

See my thoughts on their French Napoleonic Legere here: Hat Legere


The seminal manufacturer's of the modern generation of 28mm plastic historical miniatures.  A large selection of generally faultless models covering later medieval subjects, Napoleonics, the American War of Independence, American Civil War, Colonials (Sudan) and World War II (Western Desert).

Where it all Started


Mainly a 20mm and 15mm manufacturer, but they do produce a small range of their Russian WWII products in 28mm.

The reasons they have not pursued these further appear twofold; firstly the models look very flat and soft on detail as they are simply scaled up 20mm toolings, secondly Warlord seems to have largely cornered the market on WW2 in 28mm.


Specialising in Napoleonic (French, British and Austrian) and Ancients (Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians).  Good value but initially prone to fiddly tooling.

Warriors of Carthage
One of Victrix's latest sets, you can't fault them for lack of ambition

Tend to have more basic poses and options than other manufacturers, yet models can look a little stiff compared to others and not all are beloved of their caricatured faces and inclusion of kneeling figures.

See my review of the Victrix Spartans here: This is [plastic] Sparta


Wow, since I last updated this page, another entirely new manufacturer has finally appeared, and they are doing some good stuff too.  It is early days, but the quality and price both seem right in this range of historical, fantasy and sci-fi products.  Of course of interest here are their ancients and 19th Century items, including at the time of writing the most recent Afghans:


Wide ranging behemoth of the UK industry, covering Ancients, Wars of the early 17th century, Napoleonics, Colonials (Zulu Wars) and World War II (most major nations).

Pike & Shotte Infantry Regiment plastic boxed set
One of Warlord's unique ranges

Defunct Manufacturers


Bought out and reboxed by Warlord Games.  Limited selection of Ancient Greek subjects.


Abortive really, but bought out by Warlord and expected to see the light of day eventually.  Renaissance Swiss troops.


In all probability the first plastic miniatures in this (approximate) scale and as immortalised in the pages of many classic wargames tomes.  Still available in diminishing numbers on eBay.

From Henry Hyde's collection

The first American player in the market (though not the only one), and innovator of 3D computer tooling.  Also one of the biggest, ranges cover Ancient Rome and her enemies, Dark Ages, Samurai, Marlburian era wars, American War of Independence, the Zulu War and World War II.  Also have some fantasy model ranges with crossover potential to ancient and modern gamers.

WGF-HM007 AWI Woodland Indians
Warlord have proven variable over the years, but their latest models are top notch.
I'm particularly enamoured of the Numidians set' see the review here: Best Plastics' Ever?  For all intents and purposes, bought out by Warlord games and their historical product lines are being absorbed into the Warlord ranges.

Usable Fantasy Ranges (Current and Defunct)


Could've been the next big thing, but wasn't, this quasi historical fantasy game was made in 25mm and features (badly) pre-painted plastic sculpts for Roman Greek Egyptian and Han-period Chinese troops.


Ostensibly a boardgame manufacturer, that sells the miniature playing pieces from its games separately, some of theses are suitable scales for 25-28mm troops (though most are closer to 20mm)


Of course it goes without saying that some of their fantasy humans are usable for Medieval and Renaissance troops.  Once the 'skulls' issue is resolved...

First generation of plastic Brettonians provide perfect models for English longbowmen of 1250-1350 period, and European knights of a similar timeframe.  Current generation require more work and are not available as cheaply, but spearmen and mounted infantry sets could now be pressed into use as seargents or yeomen.

Similarly, all generations of Empire troops can be widely used for 1480-1550 period European armies, though later models will need more work to lighten up on the 'Gothic' references.  Ebay prices make both these armies/periods viable options however.

Plus, never forget the usefulness of certain of the Lord of the Rings range, in particular the Rohan plastics make excellent Carolingian troops, both mounted and foot, suitable for Frankish armies facing the Vikings in the north or the Arabs in the south.

Other than some command figures these are all GW LOTR models


Although their fantasy humans are not really suitable for any historical army, their Mars Attacks range does include some perfectly serviceable 'modern' US infantry.

US Soldiers (10 Figures)

Northstar have released a set in relation to their upcoming fantasy game 'Frostgrave'.
(C) Northstar
On the plus side, these look like they would cover feudal armies and provide a variety of 'Yeoman' type troops, on the down side they look to be very much Heroic 28mm, with exaggerated muscles, big easy to paint details and elements that at best could be called apocryphal for history buffs.

Now on their fourth set, their Barbarians are also winter dressed and may suit Germanic, Slavic and Scandinavian types of various periods:

Image result for northstar barbarians
(c) Northstar


Enigmatic and hard to trace Russian company that was responsible for the dreadful Robogear.  More intriguingly they produce a range of modular castles and some usable cheap packs of historical soldiers.

Teutonics and Medieval Russians

Good luck tracking them down though...


'Ring of Rule' range of fantasy figures were intended as direct competition for GW.  They include medieval humans that would serve well as most continental troops of the 14-15th century, but they are now probably too expensive to be worth getting.

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