Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saga - New Vikings

Don't you hate it when this happens?

I paint things to sell on eBay to fund most of my gaming projects; that plus selling on the stuff I don't want any more covers the expense of my hobby, which otherwise I'd have much less to spend on.

Unfortunately, there is always a possibility when you paint something, that you'll like them too much to sell.

Such is the case with this set of Vikings, ostensibly for Saga:

24 Gripping Beast plastic figures and one Foundry metal to lead them.  I used 25mm metal bases (AKA 2p pieces!) to ensure Saga was their first port of call, colour coded shields made sure each unit was easy to identified; lastly the bases were given a nice textured and grassed finish.

Obviously, the problem is now I don't want to sell them, their just so much nicer than my old models.

Thankfully, I should be able to sell my old figures for a reasonable sum.  Indeed I've already managed to get rid of 90 or so of them..  This just means I'll need to get rid of another 40 or so on top of the ones I still intend selling.