Monday, November 19, 2012

Saga - A Bridge Too Far?

Car-less, I made a lengthy journey to the Nightowls on a foggy Sunday morn for a game or two of saga.  On other days I may not have bothered but I was also hoping to sell on a few of my spare Dark Ages figures.  I was successful in that endeavour, and with pockets filled with change I hung on for the games of the day.

Andy had organised the game and set up an excellent, rather large table of attractive scenery.  Five of us assembled to play, with Laurie and Richard initially as the Vikings (above) whilst myself and Mark played Anglo Danish, and Andy umpired.

My New Viking models took on the role of Settled Danes and got ready to defend their village.

Unfortunately the table was rather too large for a speedy game, and although it allowed Laurie and Richard to learn the basics of the rules, and how to use the battle boards, it meant we spent several turns in the first game just approaching one another.  Getting to the bridge in the centre took more or less all of the game!  Once we finally met, my new Vikings faced my old Vikings - under a new command...

The eventual engagement was bloody, with New Model Syndrome working against us both but favouring me slightly, after all, I had painted both sides!  Sadly my ally Mark got pasted so the battle was inconclusive.

With some time left we decided to reset, starting closer to one another in a more tightly dispersed village.  Andy played this time whilst Mark umpired.  This time it was three forces of Vikings and one of Jomsvikings in battle for the loot of the village Church.

This time I faced Laurie, and gave his Vikings a proper beating, out manoeuvring them in the side streets.

So a couple of good games, but it does make it much less likely that I will sell my new Vikings!  I guess I means I'll have more old ones to sell on.

Better get n with it!

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