Monday, August 20, 2012

Zvezda 1:100 range expanding

Here's a teaser photo, Zvezda are adding to their Art of Tactic game and range of accompanying models to expand in to the Invasion of France.  Though the colour of the model suggests the Western Desert may also appear in time to me:


Also due out initially is the Matador truck, along with 1:144 Hurricanes and 1:72 Infantry Teams, based on their previous forces I would expect 1:72 artillery and Flak, other 1:100 tanks (the matilda Mark I is rumoured) and perhaps armoured cars. You can glimpse the releses on Zvezda's own pages here:

A their plastic kits for this game represent about the cheapest entry for WW2 in the 15mm scale, I'm sure many gamers will watch this with interest.

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