Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Painting activity has been pretty good of late, helped by the fact that working on Orcs and Goblins requires no more than a shaded glaze to put detail on to them.  The latest items here are a rescued Orc chariot, which had apparently been assembled in the dark, with GW's special 'melt everything' glue, and a rather nicer (and now rarer) metal River Troll:

Whilst I was defending Flemish honour the other Sunday, there were a number of other games at the club, including the first use of my Idol of Gork; rather confusingly in a Marlburian period game using the 'Maurice' rules.

A large number of the rest of the members were beginning a Warhammer 40k campaign with a number of Combat Patrol games; whilst not a player of the game any more, I am still taken with some of the models, and find I fall in a minority of people who like the Stormtalon gunship - known informally as the Space Potato:

George's model looks pretty nice doesn't it....

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  1. I think the stormtalon is excellent looking. Much like a rotor based gunship without the rotor.