Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Empire Strikes Back

After a while away from the Thursday club, Neil made a return the other week and we arranged a game of Anima Tactics for the week after.

I scraped together all my Black Sun faction for 400 levels:

Meanwhile, Neil had his usual tight formation of Empire.

The battlefield was one of those hideous modern estates made of identikit buildings.  I'm joking of course, we used some of the club's excellent new laser-cut buildings bought mainly for Infinity:

We advanced on one another, and straight away, Neil used one of the devilish abilities to Drag Tsubasa into a suicidal combat with part of his phalanx of fighters.  Straight off the bat it was looking like the usual tough fight!

However I was able to use superior mobility and tactics to get Clover into combat with his devastating Prometheum charge.  However the dice gods betrayed me for the first of many times in the game and his attacks failed to do any serious damage.  The Empire stood around healing themselves and readied to attack again.

In with the undead then, mabe they could break through.  The Raziel NK-X waded in, and the dice failed again.  The only good thing was it weathered the damage the Empire were able to dish out, and the Type 5 next to it was scheduled to explode in the midst of the enemy.

Sadly the Empire were able to pick of my mystic, Promethea, with the same dirty trick that did for Tsubasa, and without control of my undead it was clearly time to withdraw; the battle being lost.

Next time we agreed to try a mission that required the sides to take and hold objectives, as in a straight fight it was far too easy for the Empire to stick together and smash through whatever was in front of them.  If they were obliged to choose between sticking together or splitting up to have a chance of winning the game would be more balanced.

In the meantime, I probably should assemble the two new models for these I bought months back!

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