Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Green Tide Rolls in Anew

Like all gamers, no project ever seems finished.  It had been many months since I felt any need to add units to my Orcs and Goblins, but after my tournament performance I was motivated to clear away a few more chaps from the box of figures.

Cue another ten Orc Big Un's with twin Choppas:

The 'classic' models from the 6th edition boxed set.  Like all GW boxed set models they become incredibly easy and cheap to come by after their edition of the game is obsolete; a time-frame that seems to chime with the attention span of the average younger gamers - funny that!...

It does meant that I can now boost my Orc horde to an impressive 50 troops:

Which is not to mention the other 65 painted and 40+ unpainted Orcs I have.  I may have to consider an all Orc army as my next variation of the O&G lists.  This is one of the beauties of the O&G army in Warhammer, it has such a history and variety of troops that it is almost unmatched for variety and options.

Speaking of options, I also painted up a handful of Gobbos from the box, Assembled by a modeller with more enthusiasm than talent (we shall visit their efforts again), they included a Night goblin wizard modified with High Elf parts and base, a fanatic and a Metal Skarsnik and Gobbla model - worth over £20 new, but so crudely assembled it was close to a throwaway!

Thankfully a basic shaded paint job was able to save them:

So those fourteen models added some 450 points to my army; Impressive stuff.

And there's more to come...

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