Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mengil's (Lizard)Manflayers are Hired

The fun of playing Dogs of war in part is the sheer variety of units you can field.  One I hadn't added to date was the available unit of Dark Elves, some of the most ridiculously expensive infantry in the game!

As are the original figures.  The tragedy being I had twenty of the original Manflayer models back in the 90's, now worth, it would seem, about £10 each.  Sad.

So to create the new unit I had a look at the various current offerings out there, and in the end settled on the Black Ark Corsairs as reasonably suitable; I was able to pick up a pack for £13 on eBay.

Now they weren't going to be perfect, most notably in that their cloaks are clearly of a reptilian skin rather than human skin attributed to Mengil's regiment.  But we can easily get round that with the discreet renaming above.  During assembly I noted that though incredibly detailed, these modern GW plastics are remarkably mono-posed.  There is little you can do with their appearance really.

Still that sort of repetition makes ranking up easier, and painting can be straightforward:

I think if I'm honest, I rushed the painting of these somewhat, the armour in particular looks pretty crude to my eyes.  However some things worked well; for instance I used washes on the cloak to pick up the details to great effect, and I had fun with the simple banner - designed to appear like it is made from the skin of some great reptiles.

Not my best work, but to a good enough standard, and they add an enormous 400 points to my Dogs of War army.


  1. Lovely stuff. I think I prefer these to the original figs anyway and you've painted them up a treat.

  2. I think they are really good paint work. I especially love the banner!

  3. The versions with flayed skin cloaks are tucked away on GW's website

    Still in metal, not yet condemned to Finecast if thats any use?