Monday, August 20, 2012

Scratch built Wolf Chariots

Utilising some spare models, pewter wheels, some of the Wills planking sheets and scraps of plasticard; I assembled a couple of Wolf chariots over a couple of evenings:

Now each one was assembled with no more than a passing reference to a tape measure, but I would advise remembering to cut the slot for figure bases (if required) before assembling the models, unlike I did!

Then it was on to a quick painting job so they could race off to the table:

I used a couple of very old GW Orcs as the Goblin bosses in charge of the chariots, but given the very cheap availability of goblins and wolves on the net, if should prove no problem for a budding modeller to assemble chariots like these from scraps for a few quid.  The hardest part might be the wheels, but simple round discs of planks would be easy to make by using a large coin as a template...

Think I need to make some more!

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