Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Board Games Day

Last week was a week off work, mostly indulged on a holiday and wedding attendance up in Scotland, but on Thursday I caught up with Ross for a day of board-gaming; Ross having the luxury of independent means!

We kicked off with a game of Khet Laser Chess, at which I was outfoxed, before moving to Battlelore:

We began with a historical scenario, and I was able to turn around initial setbacks by retreating my battered units and sending in a glorious - if suicidal - cavalry charge to cover them.  Ross was defeated in a close battle to the finish.

Personally the temptation to paint the cute little miniatures would be overwhelming!  We then tried the Fantasy version of the game, or at least dipped our toe in to it by playing a scenario featuring the Goblins.  I quickly learned that the Goblins are terrible fighters, even if they are numerous.

So I was 2-1 down.

Next up was a round of the Call of Cthulhu card game.

The aim of the game is to complete stories with your investigators, minions and monsters.  To be fair at first I was somewhat lost by the explanation of the rules, but like many games it is so much easier just to pick up by playing, after a desperately slow start I was down two stories to nothing, but pulled an intimidation blinder - managing even to scare Cthulhu himself off the scent - to win the game three stories to two.

All square we moved on to Summoner Wars, a game we both knew and a simple wargame played with cards that allow for a degree of uncertainty but with an overall theme.  As such it plays like a straight-forward version of Magic the Gathering with movement over a basic battlefield, as a bonus there are some 18 different races released.

My 'Dark Elves' earned a disgracefully easy victory over Ross' Humans.  Taking it to 3-2 in my favour on the day.

In the evening we adjourned to the club for three games of 7 Wonders, now firmly in my top ten list of games.

With at least six players in each game I was only placing between second and fourth, but it is the sort of game with an internal narrative leading over blatant competitiveness; so a good time was had by all, regardless of their finishing position.

Very entertaining.  Hopefully next time I'm able to indulge in a ten hours of board gaming, we can dig out one of the real epics though.

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