Sunday, November 06, 2011

Two Unrelated Painting Projects

Towards the end of October I made a rare addition to my Orcs and Goblins again, thanks to a donation of some unused parts from Jason's Arachnarok spider.  Having access to all the howdah parts and weapons, as well as all the goblin crew bar the Shaman; I wondered what use they could be put to.

The solution, having looked at the price of Forest goblins on-line, was to turn them in to a war machine and crew instead of a full unit.

To do this I was able to use the web caster to create a plausible artillery piece, which will fit in to my army as a Rock Lobber.  The howdah parts were fitted together in a typically gobliny style, which their design suited well.

As to the crew, one was ideal.  As for the others, one spearman suited crew duties, and his spearhead was removed to become a sword on a bowman figure, who with the addition of a shield became the crew commander.

The completed model, is a little small, but quite charming I think.

Also in a way charming, are these little M5 scout tanks I picked up at Fiasco:

A quick paint job in the style of my other WW2 american tanks took a matter of an hour to do.  Then it was just the basing and they'd be ready for the battlefield.

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