Friday, November 11, 2011

Rememberance Day

Lament of the Dead

What if I should die before the dawn?

And if I should die before the dawn,

What news ho, of me in England?

How cry you now?

Oh, men of mice!

Safe last night you slept.

’Twas the wind of war,

Wot kept me awake.

How say you now friend,

Did we win?

That some sad price was paid

For the laughter of today

That they should not forget.

But never know

The ignominy

Of death

While in their moment’s of play.

Brave men died

Tho’ thousands of miles away

The same sun shone on both.

James Love

James Love served in, and wrote his poetry in relation to, the Falklands War of 1982.  The last veterans of the Great War may now have gone to their rest, but in the years since World War One, British forces have been involved in at least 25 significant conflicts, with scarcely 20 years of 'Peace'.  2000 was the last year that Britain was not in a formal armed conflict with any other nation or insurgent force.

Wars of the 21st Century alone have been responsible for over 4 million deaths globally.

Let us never forget.


  1. Good post. As I've said several times elsewhere today, its a sobering thought that "The war to end all wars" didn't.