Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Poitiers Preparation

Little more than a week to go to the big show, the army lists are decided, the terrain is gathered and the last of the figures have been painted.

Above is a unit of 18 French knights on foot.  All the heraldry is historic, though I'm not going to go so far as to say it is of individuals present at Poitiers itself, I'm not that much of a perfectionist!  The figures are from Perry miniatures Agincourt range, but designed so that most of the troops would not look out of place earlier, when their armour would be the leading edge of technology rather than a mix of qualities.  Only the shields really make it apparent they are of the later period.

I also finished off 8 Brigands:

These were Front Rank miniatures I bought some years ago, second hand, at a show.  There's nothing like a big game to get me working through the piles of lead!  I had doubts about the weaponry, but it is authentic, the figure closest to the camera in particular is a 'Langue de Beouf' or Cow's Tongue spear.

In general terms I've decided for the day on basic infantry units of 18; though units of pike will be 24 and units of mounted knights will be at least 12 strong.  Only a unit of skirmishers will be any smaller than these standards, and as a result I think I'm putting about 550 figures on the table.

The only thing left to arrange really is the deployments for the game.  I could do with getting a map ready for the show, so I have some idea beyond the one in my tiny brain of where everything is going on the day.

Other than that, practically ready to go...


  1. Beautiful work! Great job on the heraldry - interesting on the snake one - never seen that one before. Best, Dean

  2. Fail to prepare then prepare to fail. For Triples we laid the figures out a few times before hand to make them look the best on the day.
    Good luck with the game.