Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October's Output

September was a dismal pledge result, but October has at least met the monthly targets.

I've already shown the Raziel NK-X, but additionally I managed to turn all the spares from an Arachnarok Spider Forest Goblin crew into a serviceable Skullchucka catapult.  Photos to follow on that folks but pictures are definitely ready of my first new Dogs of War unit in ages:

Il Regimento Panettone, in a fetching black with purple highlights and red details uniform.

Secondly I managed a quick and easy unit of Pavisiers for my 100 Years War French; these will prove useful at the start of December when I put on a display game at Pudsey Recon...

These are done with my usual mass production technique, black varnish glaze.  Less black this time has  provided a much better result!

The numbers for the month then were a mere 32 points, but that's much better and leaves me on a total of 425 versus a target to date for the year of 300.

Getting back to normal I think.

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