Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Black Prince's Shire Bowmen

I'm on something of a medievals' binge at the minute, what with the display game at the start of December, it's made me root through my boxes for extra troops.  It turned out that on top of the Knights and Pavisiers of recent weeks, there are also some thirty or so longbows, a half dozen Brigands and a units' worth of men at arms.

Hence in the last few days I finished these chaps off:

The only thing to mention here is that I painted fast and neat using what I would call a live palette technique.  That is to say, for example with the tunics, I started with a set shade of blue, painted two tunics with it (one of each pose) and then added another colour in a small amount to vary the tone.  Rinse and repeat.  This is a great technique to use with dip or shaded varnish, as you don't have to attempt to highlight all those random colours.

I reckon I've now about 110 long bowmen painted.

Besides these, I knocked out a bunch of terrain pieces for the new club, using the sort of junk that ends up ignored in the bottom terrain boxes plus some sections of wood Laurie provided.

Two Lustrian Jungles, A Norse (Celtic or Beast man) stone circle, a Medieval camp, and various woods and trees.


  1. Very nice bowmen and terrain.

  2. I would rather get lead on the table thank paint so I love the wet palette and dip method. I really lets you crank out passable troops.

  3. Nice looking unit. Always did like those plastic bretonnian bowmen