Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Routine Sunday

There were a variety of games going on last Sunday at the club, not least of which, I had another warm up game of Kings of War for the tournament this Sunday.

Darren had learnt from the previous drubbing I gave him and played a cagey game, making me come on to him, which reduced the advantage of the pike and all my flanking units; but in truth we should both have lost several times, but for oddity results on the far flank, where all the heavy cavalry units clashed.  In the end, Darren edged it, but I'm still fairly confident for tomorrow.

Other games on show included the usual selection of Warhammer and 40k games, but also there was Flames of War, seeing a first timer with his Americans against Steve's Germans:

Pretty, but as ever in my view not a realistic reflection of WW2 tactics, just a game based on their range of models!

Also the club saw Mark's 6mm Lasalle Napoleonics rolled ot for a grand little battle.

Nightowls is on the look out for new members as always, the new location is closer to Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield than before, but still within Leeds and just off the ring roads.  More details are here.

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