Monday, November 28, 2011

Saga - Sacred Ground

I watched Paul and Mark play out an encounter in the new Saga rules, prior to my getting a chance to play the rules myself.

The rules provide a variety of scenarios,and some of the most straightforward army lists ever for the four core factions.  Paul's Vikings comprised one unit of Levy, One of Hearthguard and two of Warriors; whilst Mark's exchanged one unit of warriors for a second unit of Hearthguard but was otherwise the same.

Rather it is the special abilities, as dictated by each factions control chart that distinguish the forces.  Thus whilst formed of the same three troop types, the four factions - Viking, Anglo-Danish, Welsh and Norman - are all very different in what they can do.

As to the scenario, well it required the warriors to take and hold the terrain features; both sides threw levy forward to try to seize the hills, but Mark was able to take an early lead by putting many of his finest warriors into the enclosures:

After which they pushed through to attack the hill.

Dane axes cut through the line of Thralls armed with only bows, and they soon retired to safety behind their own Hearthguard.

Paul's warriors counter attacked , and slaughtered a great many of the Danes.  Leaving only the Lord of the Anglo Danish, standing, facing his Viking counterpart.

Further to his left, The Viking Bondi attacked the Angles on the other hill, spear and shield digging deep against fearful levies.

The Danes found themselves forced back by the devilish tactics and aggression of the Vikings (who at this stage had a clear advantage in command dice over the Danes, who had now lost their Warlord too)

However an abortive attack on the Danish held fields, gave pause to the Viking efforts to mop up the Danes, they rather concluded the game by bringing forth the remnants of the levy, to shoot arrows into the hedges instead.

A quick and fun little game with a simple scenario, though one that did not detract much from most wargamers preference for simply thrashing the other side!  All over in about 90 minutes.  I look forward to sending my Franks into the fray later this week.


  1. Thanks for this - I really am going to have to take a serious look at Saga!

  2. Really good report. Looks like a fun game system.

  3. Interesting. How big (in terms of numbers of figures) do you think the rules would handle? Is it a large skirmish set of rules or is that being too simplistic do you think?

  4. This was a 4 point game with forces of about 30 figures each. The rules consider a 6 point game standard, and give consideration to table sizes and so forth for games of up to 12 points; which would equal 60 to 90 figures per player I suspect. By that stage you are getting in to the scale of smaller Warhammer Ancients games, but I think it would still be manageable in an evening.

    The rules would be well suited to multiplayer games too.

  5. Thanks for posting. I am really tempted to get Saga.