Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pretty figures

I wasn't playing at the Headingley Club on Thursday, but as ever I was armed with the camera and looking to take pictures of attractive models.  There were five figure games going on, a selection of fantasy and historical games, and mostly with painted models.  Here are some of the highlights:

Some DBMM 15mm's, painted in the classic black lining technique.  It's an oriental army of some sort, but don't ask me which one.

Part of a heavily demon tainted 40k Orc army.  Stuff like this is always a dangerous temptation to me, as the Ork's are the one 40k army that you can really do anything you like with.  I remember my old army sold at the start of the year as it was all conversions and scratch builds.. These put mine to shame though, and the Bad Moons paint job is lovely too.

Next up for the camera are Paul and Mark's Saga troops:

Paul's Vikings above, and Mark's Saxons below:

Next time I'll be looking at the game they played in more detail, with a full battle report...