Monday, November 21, 2011

Kings of War - a Spartan interlude

I took another new player of Kings of War through a game on Sunday morning, Alan, previously an occaisional player of Warhammer put out his small force of Bretonnians against me.  I had another game booked for later in the day, so in a moment of inspiration, assembled a KOW army from the force I needed later.  Hence a, still fantasy free, Spartan army!

In fact, were it not for a token Pegasus, in Al's army, this would merely have been an anachronistic historical game using an effective but unlikely set of rules.

Al got to grips with the rules quickly enough, and was able to use some of my vavourite human units, mounted knights, to great effect.  However ge also made some mistakes, for example fielding two regiments of bows with musicians and standards, rather than four troop with out add ons - which would have doubled his firepower.  He also chose some of the largely useless artillery.

The battle came down to a tussle of human spearmen units with Knights.  The better defence of the Spartans was as nothing against a Knights +2 strength modifier.  As such, give me the extra attacks of pikes any day!

In the end it was only late in the game I pulled anything back, and by the end of turn five it was all over, with only a handful of me unit left.  The spears in the photo below were about to be destroyed!

I was pleased to find that Al enjoyed the rules, especially the pace of them andthe ease with which they could be picked up.  He then went on to play another game against one of the other attendees.  The KOW rules are picking up a significant following at the club, and I hope it's not a flash in the plan, for the last few weeks there's been more games of KOW than Warhammer in the new venue.  It's spurred me on to buy a proper copy of the rules too.  Well at just £5 it was mean not to.

Whilst at the club I got snaps of my latest terrain for the club too:

A 20mm ruin for KG Normandy (WW2) and some sort of communication node for sci-fi games (40k, etc) made from old Battle for Macragge starter parts.  The 20mm ruin is thin foamboard and Javis plasticard tile sheet on a wooden base, built and painted in an evening.

I'm looking forward to fighting for it!

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