Monday, August 29, 2011

Of Tape Measures

Sat watching Stephen Fry's top one hundred Gadgets on Channel Four* I notice that the tape measure comes in at number "32"

A new contender for the blog's dullest picture ever!

Now of course to most wargamers, these are essential gadgets, and I fully appreciate the entertainment as well as practical use one can get from them. 

For my part my favoured measure is a cheap as chips Chinese orange number with a drum brake styled locking system.  I had this little 3 metre number for a good 25 years now, by dint of its' apparently crappy design, it's never been stolen!

So here's to the humble tape measure, greater apparently than the Gameboy and Corby Trouser Press!

*Channel Four+1, other nationalities will have to accept this means nothing to them!


  1. My fave tape measure has an automatic break so I don't even have to slide down the break myself after getting to the requisite length. How cool is that?

  2. Just about as important as dice for a wargamer!!

  3. i use a cheap B&Q one but long for the tape measure equivalent of those dice made from metorites and mammoth tusk!

  4. Cheap as chips is right. I remember one gamer that had one where the ferrule had broken off and been replaced with sellotape - somehow this tape managed to gain an extra half inch compared to the standard ones!

  5. No matter how many we buy or keep in the gaming room, I always seems to loose them mid game. :)