Friday, August 05, 2011

Good news, Bad news

Firstly, more on Boyes' foray into gaming supplies; another update from my man in the field:

...Quick update - popped into the Ilkley shop today and the range is - FoW box sets, Mantic army sets and some units, Victrix Napoleonics, Perry Napoleonics, ACW and Medievals, Plastic soldier company, Games Workshop, and Airfix and Revell models + plus some 1/32nd figures for diaramas.
On a less happy point; I was burgled yesterday, and the Laptop was pretty much the only item of any consequence stolen.  Hence blog posts may be a little curtailed for a week or two.

I'm surprisingly calm about the matter, but nonetheless hope the scrote gets caught and nailed buy a sweaty man in prison for his trouble.



  1. That's crap. Hope they get the bastard and that he gets his...

  2. Nah he'll get a slap on the wrist and a paltry fine.
    Sorry to hear about the break in.

  3. Burglers get off far too lighty. Invasion of the home and your privacy is a crime in and of itself aside from the stuff stolen. Sorry to hear about this and I hope the git gets nicked promptly.

  4. Terrible news about the theft. My sympathies.

  5. Ouch! Sorry to read about your loss. Perhaps you are so calm because they didn't take anything vitally important . . . like toy soldiers.

    I too hope that they catch the fellow and recover your laptop for you (even though that probably isn't too likely . . . but I can hope, can't I?).

    -- Jeff

  6. Sorry to hear that. Burgled three times myself and those scum-bags do not seem to realise or acknowledge the impact (not just materially, but psychologically) for some victims of their crimes.

    I hope some justice prevails.