Monday, August 29, 2011

The Big (little) Sell Off

Having had to move house for the second time this year, I've looked more critically of late at the mass off wargames figures that during such times hang like the proverbial Albatross around my neck.  Now they are not the only items contributing to the problems of keeping my life mobile (why do I still have four snowboards, when only two are serviceable?), but they are in the firing line as much as all my other possessions for something of a culling. 

First to go are my Dwarves.

 Regular readers will know I have these occasions, where I resist the urge to horde and sell on things that seem to just take up space, and alas the Dwarves fall into that category now.  Most gamers live with this dilemma, usually dictated to in part by wives' partners or parents, circumstances or whims.  A mixture of the latter two lead me to sell these chaps on.

It's not without some regret mind, some of the little lads have belonged to me since I was a teenager (too long ago to mention), and have been painted, stripped and repainted to their present fine standard.  But sadly their undoing was the battlefield, they just were not fun to play.

Well let me clarify that point, they tended to simple, static tactics and acted simply as a wall for other armies to crash against.  As a player, I wasn't getting enough from them, though I'm sure for others this sort of reliable certainty is just what they are looking for.

So it is to ebay with them, and probably not the first of several armies in the future months.  Looking at my collection during the move, I found whole periods that I simply thought "when am I ever going to use those again?"

Naturally, irony will ensure I sell all the items that 5 years from now I will kick myself for flogging, when after some future move I find myself at a club that only does 20mm ancients and 15mm ultra moderns.  Such is life.

At the time of writing the army is up to £75 on eBay, if you fancy a punt the sale is here...

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