Thursday, September 01, 2011

Iron Owl Painting Competition - Entries

A small field of entries did not detract from the admirable efforts of the entrants in the Iron Owl Competition when it was held at the LWC on the 6th August.  Now through one thing and another we've heard enough about, I wasn't able to report this at the time so I'm a little fuzzy on the details.  I'm not going to go to great lengths on the models or painters, sorry!  Let's just enjoy the models... 

 The main entries.  This and all images below can be clicked on to view larger images.

 Savage Orc by Craig, owner of the LWC, and his entire painted collection I think ;-)

 A Malifaux goblin on a pig!  The wings are added apparently.

 A scratch built Baneblade tank, by Alan.  A pretty impressive effort.

 "These are Our Ends, Bruv".  Some blogger upstart did this diorama.

Another Malifaux figure, mounted on a clockwork base.  This was one of the prize winners on the day, and is by commission painter, Jon Kerr.

54mm Dwarf warrior.  Another of the winners, quite rightly.

 Beastman Dragon Ogre by Daz.

 Dark Elf sorceress, by first time painter, Karen.

 54mm Inquisitor model.

 Another of the same Malifaux model.

 A Warmahordes figure.

 Crimson Fist Terminator.

 Malifaux again.  These were beautiful models, and got my vote.  And a prize.

 One in close up.

An Infinity model.  Another prize winner.

I didn't get photo's of some of the entrants, but that is sadly the bulk of them.  Still this was the first time the event was run, and one has to hope it's not the last.

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  1. Some great painting there. Thanks for the photos.