Thursday, August 25, 2011

Havelange, Belgium

Finally I've finished the flames of war terrain boards, by completing the Belgian village.

The two foot square terrain board contains a cluster of fourteen scratchbuilt buildings, and all told took about 25 hours alone.  I hope the new owner appreciates it!

Even though I'd pretty much lost the will to live by the end, I was still able to add a few finishing details:

Well it's all very nice, and it covers up to ten feet by four as part of the wider set up.   And I don't even play flames of War!  Though it will work for 15mm European games back at a pinch to about 1800.  So maybe I'll get the odd Napoleonics game over it one day.

Additionally, I was passed some trees to freshen up for the LWC/club.  The first handful are done, but with a bagful more to get round to, there'll soon be the whole of the Ardennes to fight through.


  1. Looks great, I'm sure the new owner will like it!!

  2. Looking very nice. Really great work.