Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Last Argument of Kings - Preview

It's not really one of my periods,  but I did get shown the first supplement for Black Powder yesterday.

Against general expectations it covers the 18th century, rather than pushing back the core rules to the 17th as had been suspected.  The style is very like the original rules, particularly the example battles section, though additional special rules and details on commanders are also included.

The book covers all of the major engagements, and a few more minor (if popular) ones, including the War of the Spanish Succession, the Austrian Succession, The Great Northern War, the Jacobite Rebellion and the colonial wars in India.  They stop at about 1775.

The book also includes army lists of a sort, that is to say they allow you to put a realistic balance of commanders to a realistic proportion of units.  Points values remained notable by their absence*.  Lastly, for each period a sample battle is included.

112 pages in full colour for £18; if you are a fan of the rules and this period, it seems like excellent value.



  1. Thanks for the report, sir. I'm waiting to see if Amazon Canada will be carrying it.

    -- Jeff

  2. I received my copy a couple of days ago. Looking forward to sitting down for a good read this weekend, but everything looks great so far.

  3. One of my wargames buddies has it. Had a quick flick through the other night and thought it looked good. Thanks for your report.