Saturday, August 20, 2011

Empire Manor House

Things are slowly getting back to normal at Toomuchlead Towers, with the new laptop up and running I am slowly getting towards being fully operational, just need to install some more software.

In the mean time we can have the odd update on painting, with some gaming to follow very soon.

I have had a commission of some GW Empire buildings kicking around for some months, and with the need to clear space it seemed a good time to make a start on them:

The client had already assembled and part painted this one in two shades of grey and a dark red roof, so I was able to work with the base coats to get a nice finish.  All the usual points about GW terrain apply, though I will add this goes together much better than the arcane fulcrums, sticking as it does to flatter forms.

It's a little ambitious to call this a manor house, it's really too small to justify such a lofty title, but it looks nice, and wargaming has a proud tradition of using model buildings that are really too small, after all in games where ground scales are skewed to fit a small table, this isn't an issue...


  1. Very nice looking building.

  2. That's a cool looking building. I'm thinking it would look great in historicals too - maybe late-Medieval through WW1 or WW2, even. Best, Dean