Monday, August 22, 2011

70eme Ligne

"The 70eme Ligne was posted to the Peninsula in 1808, where it saw service at the siege of Zaragoza; 15 June - 4 August 1808, the clash of Rolica; 17 August 1808 and the battle of Vimiero; 21 August 1808.

The Regiment remained in the Peninsula the following year and saw action at the battle of La Corunna; 16 January 1809, the 1st battle of Oporto; 30 March 1809 and the 2nd battle of Oporto; 12 May 1809. The Regiment's only major engagement during 1810 was the battle of Bussaco; 27 September 1810. On 3 April 1811 it clashed with Welllington's forces at Sabugal.

The 70eme Regiment de Ligne was spared the ravages of the advance to and retreat from Moscow. It did however, see action in its own theatre of operations. It was involved in the clash at Osorno; 28 March 1812 and the battle of Salamanca; 22 July 1812.

In 1813, l'Empereur brought elements of the Regiment from Spain to Germany. The troops brought to Germany fought at the battle of Bautzen; 20 May 1813 and Leipzig; 16 October - 18 October 1813.

Those left behind in Spain were also engaged at the clash of Sahagun; 15 January 1813, the battle of Sorauren; 28 July 1813, the battle of the Nivelle River; 10 November 1813 and the clash at St Pierre d'Irube; 11 December 1813.  During the hundred days, the Regiment fought with l'Empereur at Ligny; 16 June 1815 and with Grouchy at Wavre; 18 June 1815."

And so my first Napoleonic regiment in a couple of months is finished.  I feel out of practice on these big units, having spent so much time in the last few months on simple pieces or high detail skirmish and display models. 

Getting the balance right is tough!  As a result these took longer than usual too, but the results are satisfactory, if not spectacular.  This now means I have three line, one guard and one foreign battalion for my first French brigade.  Time to start on some more cavalry or some artillery...


  1. Nice work; I like the patches on the trousers, as well as the numbers on the shako covers. Good job. Best, Dean