Monday, August 08, 2011

Better than Last Time

After a nervy weekend, I now have a secure flat again; even though I move out in just three weeks (hopefully to a much nicer home).

As part of the fallout, I went into my mobile broadband provider to cancel my account; and came out with a new, free, laptop instead! Now I just need to wait for delivery and keep it squirreled away until I move.

So to return as best we can to the usual business, we are into a new month and so it must be time for a gamers pledge update.

July was largely consumed with two projects, one as yet unfinished for the Napoleonics and the other completed in August for the Iron Owl competition. What was painted has all appeared in the blog, and amounts to 37 points: 27 Spartans, three 15mm KV-1's, and one Anima Tactics model.

The aim is thirty points per month, and whilst this figure and last months too are distinctly average, to date I find I'm at 380 points versus a target thus far of 210.

So, some good news overall!


  1. Great news re the laptop. Good luck with the pledge, this is still far more than what I can achive.

  2. Brand new laptop? Not be seeing your photo on "Catch A Looter" soon will we?
    Seriously nice to hear good news for you.