Friday, September 24, 2010

Something, a bit Different...

What a busy blog we are this month, I'm having to publish almost daily to keep up with activity!

Anyway, whilst I've played a lot of Warhammer of late - it is one of my favourite games I must admit - it has been a bit one-note. Four recent games of Dogs of War versus Vampire Counts stand testament to that.

Having brought them out of storage, now seemed a fair time to blood my Orcs and Goblins under the new edition, and seek a new opponent too.

And so it was a Goblin horde with support of a few brutal Orcs met the nobility of Bretonnia (supported by stinking peasantry of course).

A mighty centre of Black Orcs was surrounded by Goblin spearmen (in hordes) and bows; some Savage Orcs filled out the battle line, and a Troll and a Doomdiver Catapult added a little variety.

For his part Alan fielded two large blocks of Knights (one protecting an Enchantress) some Pegasus Knights, some Peasant spearmen and longbowmen and a Trebuchet.

Battle opened with me looking to anchor my flanks whilst the frenzied Savage Orcs rushed forward to occupy the Knights. My Troll proved to be something of a genius, passing a stupidity test to flank the Knights.

Goblin bows thinned the Spearmen's ranks whilst waiting for their real opportunity to strike to arise.

But the Savage Orcs were soon to come unstuck as both a large unit of Knights and the Pegasus Knights bore down on them; they were soon destroyed...

But this led them in to a dreadful trap; they triggered a Goblin fanatic who smashed through their ranks and then the Warboss led his massive regiment of Black Orcs into the flank of the Knights. They were smashed, but escaped, still the pursuit allowed the Orcs to contact the Pegasus' and deliver more pain...

Although there were losses on both sides the game proved inconclusive - a draw.
In terms of the new rules and learning points, Orcs n' Goblins are another of the once weaker armies who seem to have been bolstered by the new rule tweaks. The new magic items proved their use again, and one old Orc item (a banner that gives 1 Magic Resistance dice for each full rank after the first) was really useful in shutting down the enemy's magic in this 2000 point game.

Good luck to any player dealing with Black Orcs on the charge too! but then it was some 600 points of unit with the Warlord and Army Battle Standard added for good measure. Still I need to break this run of draws in WFB, they just happen too often.

A nice change from the usual, and an army I look forward to using again soon...

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