Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kings of War Beta Rules

Mantic Games have been working on their own fantasy wargames rules to back up their ranges of plastic miniatures; and a beta test set of rules and army lists is now online:

And the army lists:

Not really had much of a look at them yet, but no doubt some concepts will be heavily derived from GW concepts, given that Alessio Cavatore wrote both these and the previous edition of Warhammer (well, tweaked, but somantics eh!). Still at 12 pages long at least they are succinct.

I bet they don't stay that way...


  1. I talked about these at my blog a few days ago. Even with the army lists, they only come to 15 pages. I actually think they are pretty great.

    You hit the nail on the head, I think. They are a lot like 'Warhammer Lite' And I think if you were so inclined, it would be easy to incorporate mini's from 'other' games just by using a rosetta stone for a basic unit, saw, elf bowmen.