Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Barrosa - Initial Preparations

So I've drawn up a list of the tasks I think I have to do for the Barrosa game next month. Top of that list should probably be learning to spell it properly all the time! Anyhow, it's a lot of little (and big) jobs:

  • Prepare full list of Brigade commands for both sides and the regiments involved
  • Source figures from the contributing players (Laurie, Neil, Steve, Martin, etc)
  • Produce the maps for the day with initial deployments
  • Determine the time available to play the game, both in real terms and gaming turns, based on one turn being half an hour
  • Purchase and prepare enough terrain cloth to cover a 10 x 6 foot table (possibly match old cloth of 5 x 7 to save time)
  • Paint Spanish buildings - Chapel, Town House and Barn
  • Paint river terrain
  • Paint regiment of Spanish Militia
  • Paint British Cavalry General
  • Paint British casualty markers
  • Devise any special rules for scenario and general gameplay (specifically thinking of limiting communication between commanders)
  • Prepare command rosters and quick play sheet for each commander, to include personality traits of each commander
  • Run at least two introductory games of Black Powder for prospective players

Phew, so I've not too much to do then have I? In fairness, I have already made a good start on several items and some progress will be shown soon enough on the blog, but it is nevertheless a daunting list of tasks!

Still the effort will hopefully be worth it...

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