Monday, September 27, 2010

Les Milites de Morteau

Time for another Dogs of War regiment. Time indeed to add some more cavalry to their number; with 8th edition apparently favouring infantry, what better time to spend 16 hours painting horsemen! I'd picked up these chaps for less than a tenner on eBay and it did show in places. Bendy lances, no standard (thankfully I had a spare) and wonky heads. However they were unpainted and so the damage was minimal and I soon covered them with a nice white undercoat.

The stripes are to match the other unit of cavalry in the army, but I also had to do something appropriate with those interminable shields, a total of 42 of them. I wanted something heraldic, and settled on coins - highly suited to mercenaries. Overall the mind-numbing repititon of this unit was worse than any napoleonic regiment, and combined with highlighting and then painting neatly over white (two of my pet hates) was enought to almost drive me mad!

Nevertheless, with Focaccia favouring cavalry tactics in her many battles, I'm sure I can make good use of this expensive little regiment.


  1. Nice work; love the colors. Impressive free-hand painting. Dean

  2. Looks good! I have always wanted to play a Dogs of War but I am trying to control my army growth. LOL! Two should be plenty right?

  3. I like them. I think it's a striking color scheme & worth the extra effort you put into them.