Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Cursed Company

A superbly easy paint job has made fast work of the Mantic skeletons I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Adding these to the dogs of war gives my army a much needed boost of points and another race to add to the melange that is Foccacia. I'd realised blue was one of the few main colours not used in my army so far, and it looked quite nice on the sample models on the Mantic packaging; so I went with it.

Everything started from a brown undercoat, which allowed for a lot of the deep shading to done, both for the bones and armour.

Overall the Mantic models are really nice, simple to assemble, easy to paint and really dynamic. Scale wise they are smaller looking than the latest GW skeletons but in terms of visual impact it is not a problem.

Highly recommended.


  1. Those look really great. I need to get with the program and start making my ghoul horde already.

    Everything I am seeing about Mantic's stuff is making me more and more excited.

    I am thinking about using the ghouls as stand ins for Genestealers in my scratch built Space Hulk game as well. I have been using Bloodletters, which works, but something like ghouls would look more at home in a space hulk.

  2. Very nice paint job, especially the banner.