Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old school WW2...

Well, that's a little bit of a massaging of the truth really. Having been forced (read: emotionally blackmailed) in to retrieving most of my models from storage, I've begun the slow process of sorting through them all and will intermittently post photo's of stuff as I find it.

My 'old' WW2 Germans are in fact my second incarnation of a 20mm army for them and actually are only about 5 years old:

Originally done with crossfire in mind, where precise vehicles are academic (the rules cover precious few types) the force is a real mish-mash. But in Battlefront Evolution terms they easily represent a large, well equipped and supported platoon (or a very weak company!) circa 1944.

Some of the painting is not of my present standard, indeed the infantry are not as nice as the ones I sell on eBay now, but items like this Marder are favourites of mine. And I also enjoy the look of the recon platoon, featuring unusual vehicles such as the Panhard armoured car, retrofitted with a short 50mm gun from the Panzer III.

Three other boxes contained my Americans some of whom date back well over twenty years, and look it! However amongst them are a number of newer models, including this (scale) tank company:
Mostly Hat Armourfast models, but with a sprinkling of Italieri and Revell models too.

Only another 15 or so boxes to sort!


  1. Having dumped all my 1/72 years ago, I am now painting more...

  2. These look great. Are those plastic 20mm soldiers? I need some more armor for my collection but just don't have the funds lol!

  3. Adept: Most of the figures are the Revell winter Germans, with a handful of Caeser Germans chucked in. There are also some metal figures, SHQ and some Irregular Mini's IIRC. For cheap armour I'd recommend the Hat Armorfast models - two for about £8/$12