Monday, September 13, 2010

15mm Stugs

A commission job for Jason at the club, with a tip for me of the model at the back in the group shot. Jason wanted German camouflage pattern Stug III's to join his Finnish army for Flames of War:

I approached these exactly as I would a 20mm or 28mm model, which was an intentional challenge; the method was exactly as described for the Panther tank (about twice the size) described last month; just with smaller brushes.

The Battlefront miniatures models are a mix of Resin and metal but work quite well; they have a variety not found in many ranges, though it is clear you pay a premium for it. They do reward careful painting. The generic tarp on the back of the eBay model made for a particularly infamous flag...

I had a little fun with the commander, and doing tiny company numbers and identification marks.

A nice little model, but not thankfully enough temptation to make me buy into the game. Just as well really, I just had to take repossession of 20 (yes, 20) file cases of figures, including my 20mm Germans and Americans...

Anyhow, if you like the look of this model (the rest are on the way to their new owner) you can get it on eBay now, if you're quick:

Stug for Sale

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