Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Grande Commitment

Well I've been enjoying my games of Black Powder greatly over the last few months; but I want them to get bigger and better. To that end over our last couple of games, myself and a few of my regular opponents have begun to loosely discuss a bigger battle.

Well the only way it was going to happen was if I committed myself to a date for it, to give me something to aim for. And so I've selected a battle and a date and now must go for it!

October the 17th will see the Leeds Nightowls commit to a refight of the Battle of Barrosa , 5 March 1811; not quite the bicentennial, but close enough. The aim is to play a game with 800+ figures and several players on each side; for myself I think I'll be umpiring and photographing.

Now I've announced it on the club forum, I cannot welch on it, and already I have a list of things I need to prepare before the game. More work than a usual battle sure, but it should produce some fancy results...

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